MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!! Do You Want To Be Rich In Life? – See 3 Things You Should Be Doing With The Little Money You’re Earning Now


No one is born into this world to be poor but poverty got caught up with many because of some choices they make with money.

For me growing up wasn’t very cool, in fact things were so hard that I started thinking money at a very young age.

I knew I needed to put more effort into acquiring knowledge and spend money wisely.

If you’re experiencing any financial disaster right now and all you could is praying for big money to come miraculously, then you’re getting it all wrong.

There is a popular saying that;

Heaven helps those who help themselves.

With that very little money you’re earning right now, if you can be open-minded enough to think through the content of this article, you can grow it bigger and bigger.

The truth is, you can’t keep doing the same thing you’re doing to make N50,000 monthly hoping that one day, you will start making 1 million monthly.

Here Are 3 Things You Should Do With The Little Money You’re Earning Now If You Want To Be Rich In Life

1. Invest In Acquiring Knowledge About Things You Don’t Know

In Nigeria today, it is not that difficult to make N1,000 a day.

It is more difficult to make N10,000 a day.

And of course, it is very difficult to make N100,000 a day.

Each of these levels of income you see above requires some level of knowledge. It now depends on what you know how to do. Not your school degree.

For instance, here on the Naijaloaded Team, many are employed based on what they can do, and pay rise depends on how much you have improved on what you do for the brand.

Believe me, every new skill you acquire increases your chances of making more money.

There are lots of things you don’t know and there are far more things you don’t even know you don’t know.

Rich people get rich because they invest their money in acquiring more knowledge by reading books, watching educative videos on what they need to know.

If you have to pay to learn a skill that will make you money, never hesitate to do so.

2. Invest Money Or Make The Little Money You Earn Work For You

In this age and time, if you’re still allowing your money to lie around in banks doing nothing, you’re missing a whole lot.

Saving money without a mission of increasing the money is rubbish. The 20,000 you keep in bank today, in less than 2days can turn 19,500. Bro!! you’re losing money.

A wise man once said;

Knowing how to work for money is good but knowing how to make money work for you is best.

There are many investment platforms you key into and your money will be working for you.

People are cashing out from Cryptocurrency or bitcoin on a daily basis, Forex TradingReal Estate, and a host of others.

You can actually start now by buying bitcoin from the Naijaloaded Exchange Platform.

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It is high time you start learning about these investment platforms so that as you’re working for moneyyour money will be working for you.

3. Stop Unnecessary Spending And Buy Only What You Need

There are many things that you can buy that will make you look good but in the real sense of it, those things are liabilities.

It’s good to dump Android and join expensive iPhone 11 gang, ride on latest cars to look like a big boy, but if you have bought all these expensive things with the money you sweat and worked hard for, it means you’ve not applied sense.

Rich people buy luxuries with the money they made from the money that worked for them.

Every 1 Naira you make is a seed only if you know how to use them to reap benefits instead of splashing them on things that are not necessary.

Here Is A Story Of My Yeye Friend

I have a friend who collected contribution money of N300k when bitcoin was around $4,500.

Instead of taking to my advice to invest the money in cryptocurrency, he went to buy N250kiPhone with the money.

Now, BTC is $11,600+, do you know he would have cashed out double of the money now?

Unfortunately for him, just yesterday, the phone has been stolen and baba has been crying a river😂

He could have bought the iPhone now with BTC money gains and still continue investments.

The most sensible way to spend money right now is to buy things that will make your money grow.

In Conclusion

No matter how little or big you might be earning now, it is better to re-invest it as much as you can.

This is because re-investing the money you work hard to earn is like planting a money tree that will grow the more you keep watering it.

To escape poverty, WORK, EARN, INVEST & RE-INVEST till you become financially free.

Guys, Do You Agree With These Points?

What Other Things Do You Think Someone Can Do With Little Money To Get Rich?

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